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Assessment of the child’s strengths, difficulties and needs within their unique situation to overcome the barriers of learning difficulties, social, emotional or well-being difficulties and neuro-developmental issues such as Autism or ADHD.


Solution focused advice, support and interventions for staff and multi-agency groups where there are concerns about the learning or behavior of individual or groups of children and young people, or in preparation for post-16 education or training.


Assessment, advice and support to parents or Local Authorities and/or their legal representatives when they are preparing for a Tribunal to secure the right provision for their child with SEND.


Call Tonia Robinson on 07896 085224 or email to get in contact and arrange an assessment.

"Tonia has been excellent in helping to assess our very vulnerable young people and place them in the right provision." Senior Teacher, Pupil Referral Centre. "I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in changing things for the better for Ryan and his family." Parent Adviser, Parent Partnership Service.