Educational Psychology support in SEND Tribunals 

The Educational Psychologist is often  a key expert witness in the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Tribunal, where parents are seeking the most appropriate provision for their child with complex SEND needs. The Panel will seek expert advice from both parents and Local Authority view-points and make their decision based on both written and oral evidence provided by both sides.

I have had considerable experience in  representing both LAs and Parents at Tribunals and have undertaken Expert Witness training to ensure that all my reports comply with the requirements of the Court.

SEND Tribunals

I work with parents, families and other involved professionals to provide:

  1.  A comprehensive and holistic assessment of the child’s Educational Needs and Disabilities, based on
      • all the available written evidence to date,
      • individual observation and assessment at school, nursery or at home,
      • discussion with parents and involved professionals
  2. An analysis of of the findings, and recommendations for future provision
  3. A detailed Expert Witness report to inform the SEND Tribunal
  4. Scrutiny of the Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and advice regarding Working Document amendments
  5. Attendance as Expert Witness at the Hearing.

I am also able to undertake follow-up Review work with the child, school and Local Authority if this is required.

Expert Witness

I am  also available to provide Expert Witness reports as requested by solicitors or other agencies regarding the educational implications of:

  1. Personal injury in children and young people
  2. Attachment difficulties resulting from the early trauma of being Adopted or Looked After by the Local Authority.
  3.  Existing diagnosed neuro-developmental difficulties.



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